The majority of South-Africans (whether the regular-man on the street or a big property investor) purchase property with the intention of one day selling it at an increased market-related price.  Unfortunately the market-value of property can only be as good as the efforts made to keep it in a good, valuable condition.  In the current economic climate it is more important than ever to equip oneself with the best possible professionals in the property field.

At White House Estates Sectional Title Division we have a team of professionals committed to excellence in service.  As the word say “Sectional Scheme living” encompasses a unique way of living & we believe with the correct management-team at your side this will result in each owner being provided with the assurance of living in a peaceful, secured complex whilst knowing his property’s market value will escalate due to proper maintenance of not only his own home, but the property around him.


White House Estates Sectional Title Division was established in January 2004 under the supervision of owner & Principal Lynette Myburgh after thorough market research & countless complaints received from old clients who bought property through the Sales Division of White House Estates proved a tremendous need for specialized professionals in the Sectional Title field.

Much to her shock she realized the lack of compassion & commitment demonstrated by these Administrators of Sectional Scheme living.  To make matter worse, no legislation existed which allowed quasi-judicial bodies to be established to scrutinize the conduct of these Administrators, resulting many-a-time in economic losses for these owners & investors.


To provide constant hands-on- support to our clients to ensure an all round, professional & efficient management of sectional title property & commercial property by ensuring all transactions and affairs are executed in accordance with the requirements of the Sectional Titles Act, No. 95 of 1986 & all such other laws of South Africa as applicable.

We strive to provide peace-of-mind by means of our open-door policy to all our owners & is committed in not only providing interim financial statements as requested to our owners but also constantly educating our owners in the rules and provisions applicable.

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